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... and never got to enjoy my time in the spotlight!

Background: About a year and a half ago, Geek Squad did a photo shoot to take images of Geek Squad Agents to potentially use with their world famous Geek Squad advertising.  Such pictures are often featured with products sold in Best Buy/Geek Squad Precincts, in television or newspaper ads, or with other various forms of their advertising. 

My picture is on the new Geek Squad 2GB USB Flash Drive!  This product is currently being sold World Wide at Best Buy/Geek Squad Precincts for $38.99.

The front of the package says:

“Geek Squad Flash Drives Allow You To Conveniently Access And Transfer Your Data With Speed And Efficiency.  Agent 142 Personally Recommends This Drive For Transporting Files, Presentations, Songs And Pictures of Little Lead Figurines Portraying Medieval Wizards Named Boulderon.”


What makes this story even more ironic is that I left Geek Squad in January 2007 to advance my career with an IBM contractor, yet Geek Squad/Best Buy still used my picture!  As my former Geek Squad boss told me: “Once A Geek Squad Agent, Always A Geek Squad Agent. You are now a ‘Sleeper Agent!”

So walk into your local Best Buy store and own your very own piece of a Geek Rock Star!  ;D

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FYI - I'm communicating this to the best of my understanding of everything.


Mom's primary oncologist basically told us today that the PET scan confirms the lymphoma (cancer) has mutated to an aggressive type and has spread all over her lymphatic system via the bloodstream.  She will again be checked into the University of Minnesota Medical Center (wing 7D) tomorrow morning so that an aggressive chemotherapy regimen can be started. We were told that after the first chemotherapy session is completed (in about 7 days) that they will likely have a better idea of her chance of surviving the cancer.  In other words, they need to see how her body responds to the first treatment to be able to provide as accurate of a prognosis as possible. At this point I'm not going to get into numbers or percentages and what not, but I will say that she needs as much positive energy and prayers channeled in her direction as possible.


I have read many of the emails (received from friends and family) to Mom.  Those messages have been of great comfort to her and given her additional strength to fight this monstrous cancer.  Our family is very thankful for your continued support.
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I regret to inform you that the last round of tests has revealed that things for my Mom have taken a turn for the worse.  My folks stopped by tonight (after being at the University's oncology unit all day) to tell us that her cancer has shifted to a significanly more aggressive form.  The oncology doctors verified that she has aggressive cancer in the lymph node in her right breast and in a lymph node in her groin.  It may be in other places as well, but we need to get PETscan results back to know where it may have also spread to. It's my understanding that they'll be starting chemotherpy as early as this Wednesday.  We go to the hospital with her tomorrow (Wednesday) to learn more about what the next few days and future holds. I keep switching from being so angry that I want to break shit to feeling so sad for her that I can't even be around people.
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Much thanks to all for your continued support.


We went and visited Mom for most of the day today.  It was good timing as Mom needed a little moral boost and Dad an afternoon break from everything.  Mom would converse a little in-between falling asleep on and off, but the pains from the lumps in her chest and groin would wake her about as soon as she'd get settled in.


Her anxiety and depression are really what's making things the most difficult. Having to wait for the results of her 4 most recent biopsy samples is especially causing her a lot of anxiety. She has some meds for help with that but they can only do so much (when you're scared out of your mind). Now Mom’s primary oncologist is telling them that he wants to take another biopsy sample from the area of her spine where the cancer was at.  This is really freaking her out as I guess the last time they took samples of the area the pain was so bad that she screamed bloody murder.  Even talking about it makes her cry.  Apparently the local anesthetic didn’t work last time and she felt every bit of the procedures they did.  Before any such procedure is done again they will now talk to the oncologist about options for being asleep (a.k.a. Knocked Out) when the procedure is done.


We did have some time to take care of a few chores around the house that had been piling up that Dad hadn't had time to get to yet. For the most part though, it looks like Dad has been able to keep up very well with the house chores. We made sure that all her meds were in order and that no bills or letters had gone unread and that they understood all of them.  Insurance has been taking care of many of the costs so far so that's been a huge blessing for them.  What Mom needs most at this point is the continued support of family as well as positive thoughts and/or prayers from everybody.

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Troublesome news today for Mom. ???  Dad called and said they took Mom back to the U of M today due to some large abnormalities that have popped up.  I guess she has two painful "lumps" each about the size of a tennis ball in her breast as well as one about the size of a golf ball in her groin, and another in her chest (not in the breast).  Mom says they feel like rocks in her body and are very painful to pressure or movement.  The oncology doctors took 4 biopsy samples today as well as a MRI.  I guess she's also going back for a follow-up full body PETscan next week.  Dad said she didn't cry during the four painful biopsies today but that she was very shaken and upset most of the drive home ( 1.5 hour drive ).  :(  The doctors told her they didn't want to give her any prognosis at this point as they want to get concrete lab results first. As can be expected she's very scared about the uncertainties and pain again.   I can't see cancer as being something that God would make good people suffer through. Why her? It f*ck*ng sucks feeling so helpless and not being able to do much for Mom.
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So... I had this sneezing attack on Friday afternoon to the point where I saw stars and had to pull off the expressway to bring myself back together.  Didn't think much of it at the time, as I've had them hundreds of times in the past.  Saturday morning - I notice that my neck and shoulders are kinda sore... I figure it's just from staying up late and gaming WAY too long... LOL!  Saturday afternoon  - pain's bad enough that I cut a motorbike ride with Superna short and go home to ice it.  No biggie - had back pain before, right?  Fuck!  Saturday night through Sunday night I'm fucking miserable - can barely turn my head either direction, put my shoes on... the simple crap like that. There's no gawd damn heat pack, Ibuprofin, or back rub that's gonna make this feel better.  So I go to the doctor this morning and they find that I seperated a rib from one of my thorasic vertebre (due to sneesing so violently)!  They popped the fucker back in - O.M.F.G. = OUCH MOTHERFUCKER GAWDDAMMIT!  So I called in sick today and pissed off my boss.  If I didn't have a 3:00 PM dentist appointment today I think I'd get drunk cuz I don't have any good pain meds - LOL!

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